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John Winston Lennon was born and raised in Liverpool, England. His parents separated before he was two, so he lived with his mother’s sister Mimi Smith. At 17 years old, his mother died from getting hit by a bus. He first attended Dovedale Primary School then Quarry Bank High School. He started a band in 1955, which was named after Quarry Bank High School, they were known as Quarrymen.
Lennon met Paul MCcartney in 1957. They were both were impressed with each others natural talent and musical knowledge. A year later George Harrison joined the band then they picked up a drummer, Ringo Starr and formed the Beatles. Lennon and MCcartney wrote some of the most well-known songs including, “ A Hard Day’s Night”, “ All You Need Is Love”, “ Lucy in the Sky of Diamonds”,” Come Together.” These songs created a new sound of Rock n Roll. Their unique lyrics, instrumentals, and style are what made them so popular. …show more content…

Him and a girl, Oko Ono, whom he had been talking to since he met her in London in 1966, recorded Two Virgins. This record is known for its avant-garde content and controversial cover of them standing naked. He recorded more than half of his solo albums with her. He separated from his wife Cynthia and later divorced her that November. Lennon’s inseparability with Ono influenced the split of the Beatles. He married Ono on March 20,1969 and changed his name to John Ono Lennon. For their honeymoon they held their first “Bed-in for Peace,” in Amsterdam’s Hilton presidential suite. Bed-in for Peace was a non-violent protests against wars and influenced the importance of peace. Lennon was big on world peace and was not afraid to express it in protest or his music. They continued the protest in Montreal. They recorded “Give Peace a Chance”, “ The Ballad of John and Yoko”. This song became the anthem of the American anti-war

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