John Winthrop Difficulties As A Christian

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Difficulties as a Christian

We live on a very diverse continent that all began during the early settlements (15 – 50BC). This early settlement began with the Bering straight, this brought over early migrants with completely different cultures to establish land in the western hemisphere. New England was settled by stable families and supported by agriculture; they had a healthier climate and a stronger religious government. However after the land was starting to be established during the 1620’s religious disputes started to establish between the puritans, separatists, Anglicans, and Christians. Every settler coming across on a ship expressed different religious views and the rules along with the regulations to follow within that religion were all different and based on Constructing The American Past rules within any religion were taken very seriously and a harsh punishment was given if anyone did not obey. The Virginia Company of London attempted to restore order by imposing sever regulation upon the colonists these stern rules and regulations are explained
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The author John Winthrop gave three distinct reasons on how to act fro the colony to succeed. “ First, hold conformity with the rest of his works” (35). This tells the colony that they will be in compliance with any standard law or rules. “ Secondly, that he might have the more occasion to manifest the work of his spirit” (35). The rich and the poor are no different and everyone is equal. Lastly, “ that every man might have need of other” (35). This means that everyone will help everyone and everything will run smoothly. Throughout the document I notice that the rules and regulations all pointed back to a higher power, I believe that the colonists looked to a higher power because they were very confused and settling on a completely new land was hard and they needed
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