John Winthrop Speech Summary

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As the Arbella finally entered the Massachusetts Bay waters and a group of weary travelers who had fled the religious harassment of the Old Word finally set their sights on a new frontier, Governor John Winthrop boldly proclaimed "we shall be as a city on a hill, the eyes of all people are upon us". This iconic speech given by Winthrop remains a classic even to this day, for it gallantly challenged the new settlers who had endured so much to brightly proclaim to the world the core values which the Puritans treasured. Winthrop was determined to succeed when other colonies at the time had failed, and envisioned a colony where the righteousness of Puritan living would radiate out like a city on a hill and bring reform to the Anglican Church which dominated England.…show more content…
In an effort to maintain the principles established in Winthrop 's speech, ministers in New England created a set of practices known as the New England Way, which was made to strengthen the power of the church. However, as evidenced by rebels Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson, some individuals became unsatisfied with the ironclad Puritan Church. One of the core threats towards Winthrop 's shining vision was the notion of a market economy, which emphasizes an individuals free will in making economic decisions. This form of economy directly contradicts the New England Way, and demonstrates the change of values among the colonists. Other important factors in the erosion of New England Way include expansion, war with the Native Americans, and religious
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