John Winthrop's Sermon: A Model Of Christian Charity

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John Winthrop 's sermon “A Model of Christian Charity” serves as an imaginative framework for which individuals must follow in order to create a better community— a community that is unified by the will of God. Two hundred years later in ‘Song of Myself”, Walt Whitman imagines a new community with a new set of guidelines. He emphasizes the importance of individuality and equality. Whitman’s vision is used as a lens through which Winthrop 's sermon is read. Although Whitman would agree with Winthrop that within a community there is a unifying force created by the individuals, he would argue that Winthrop’s imaginings of having a community modeled after god is not adequate because it will result in unfairness. “A Model of Christian Charity” establishes a representation of a community working together, rather than, working by themselves. With the help of each other and by following God’s will, the community shall be successful and harmonious. It is essential to note the importance of a relationship between man and god as god stands as the one true source of authority in this community. Winthrop explains the importance of loving God. He states “love is as absolutely necessary to the being of thee body of Christ, as the sinewes and other ligaments of a natural body are to the being of that body” (Winthrop 194). Inorder for the improvement of one 's life, an appreciation, love and service must be done for the Lord. The love one shares with their god is as important as the
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