John Woolman Research Paper

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For my Quaker essay I focused on John Woolman. He was British-American Quaker leader and abolitionist whose Journal is recognized as one of the classic records of the spiritual inner life. John was born on October 19, 1720 in Rancocas, New Jersey and died on October 7, 1772, while on a trip to England John Woolman died of smallpox. He is best known for his Journal, and for his lifelong work to end slavery. Both were sources of inspiration to the emerging abolitionists of his day, and continue to inspire readers today. In his journal, Woolman guides his reader on an inward journey to discover the firm foundation for outward action to end oppression of all kinds, using his own life as an example. Born in 1720, John became a recorded minister at age 21, and traveled in the ministry throughout the American colonies and eventually to England. After marriage, parenthood and success in business,…show more content…
John Woolman identified slavery as the major issue of his day- one that was nearly invisible from within his contemporary culture, in the way that militarism and consumerism are in our own. Those who shared his views on slavery generally recognized it as such a great evil that they saw no common ground between themselves and slave abductors, traders and masters. John Woolman was able to find common ground—even to love them as part of God’s creation—and take action. First, he provided an example of non-participation in slavery. John refused to write wills, bills of sale, or any other document that perpetuated slavery. He boycotted slave products, willing to appear foolish in the eyes of others. And he capitalized on every opportunity to explain why he did not use the cotton, silver, rum, sugar or dyed clothing that others found acceptable. It wasn’t easy for John to appear “singular”. He would have preferred not to. But he understood that actions spoke were words would
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