John Wyclif's War: The Hundred Years War

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Who was John Wyclif: John Wyclif was a church reformer, biblical translator, and a scholar, who was kind of an anti-pope writer. He was very suspicious in the eyes of the church clergy because he had ideas about the church that were very unfavorable. He did not believe in verbal confessions, indulgences, and that the church should not own any land. Of course this didn't sit well with the clergy who owned property to say the least. John Wyclif is called before a council of bishops to defend his statements, before it can get started a mob rushes into the hearing and demands that Wyclif let go. This is because they don't want the inquisition in England with all of its horrors.

What were the causes and consequences of the Hundred Years' War: The Hundred Years War was fought between England and France. It basically started over inheritance of the French thrown. One English King had
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It started out when Roman mobs formed outside the college of cardinals demanding that they elect a Roman or at least Italian Pope to move the papacy out of Avignon. Without the Pope in Rome it had fallen into a state of disarray. With the mob outside the door of the college breaking it in with axes they decide on Urban the 6th. Urban seemed like a mellow fellow, who could restore Rome back to its glory instead of having him be a bold reformer and start inquisitions. After a few weeks Urban 6th started to show unpredictable and violent behavior. Long story short they elected a new French pope and Urban refuses to abdicate. Clement 7th takes up his papal roles in Avignon and Urban remains in Rome, this is the beginning of the Great Western Schism. The Cardinals solution to this fiasco is to elect another Pope Martin the 5th in 1415. Two ecumenical councils were held to untangle the mess created and the council of Constantine was the most
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