Johnathan Wayne Noble's Essay 'A Death In Texas'

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Rehabilitation Johnathan Wayne Nobles was rehabilitated. Rehabilitation is the act of restoring something to its original state. In the essay “A Death in Texas” it explains Jon’s personality from earlier in his life when he was a drug addict transforming into a recovering addict. Steve Earle promotes a clear understanding of the friendship he maintained with Jon during his death- row. Jon quit using drugs, he found religion, and his behavior changed.
Jon was in prison for stabbing Kelley Farquhar and Mitzi Nalley to death in 1986. During the trial “he sat impassively as the guilty verdict was read and, according to newspaper accounts, only flinched slightly when District Judge Bob Jones sentenced him to death” ( Earle 75). When he first entered the life of a prisoner, he attempted to break out of the prison and cut himself with a razor blade. In prison Jon read about recovery and he began to attend 12-step meetings where he continued throughout his final years.
In addition, Jon became interested in Catholicism and began to attend mass and learn more about the religion. He had a passion for what he did and hoped to become a Dominican preacher. Shortly, Jon conquered this goal. This led him to minister and help his fellow inmates learn about the religion.
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He found his way from drug addiction and multi-murders to become a peace loving man of conviction. If Jonathan Wayne Nobles was given an opportunity he could have showed other people the way out. Steve Earle also states how the government has not placed much emphasis on rehabilitating criminals. This story goes to show that there is hope, even in the worst situations for people who are willing to receive it. Jonathan Wayne Nobles not only, stop consuming drugs, focused on Catholicism, and changed his behavior; he left a mark on society by becoming a different person towards the end of his
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