Johnnie Rape Case

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The victim has MR, he hallucinates, and can be very manipulative. Mr. White was admitted at River Region on 08/25/15 and is currently ready for discharge. Whenever Johnnie is told he 's about to go home, he begins to scream and hollers "no no". Mr. White told hospital staff Mona whips him with an extenstion cord and Lawrence beats him up, chokes him, and hits him in the head; Johnnie was able to demonstrate how he 's beat. Johnnie doesnt have any visible marks or bruises on him and appears to be well taken care of and has been trained to take care of himself properly. Mr. White has told administration the boogie man comes at night but he 's since gotten better. The reporter spoke with Mona about Johnnie 's allegations, she states Johnnie has
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