Johnny: A True Hero

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A hero can be anyone. They can be your closest friend or your worst enemy. A hero would give up or risk their lives for anyone. They have a great personality and they would compliment people with their accomplishments. Johnny is a hero. Bob is defiantly not a hero. Darry is a hero.

Johnny is a hero. He is willing to do anything of the whole gang. “I had to.” “ They were drowning you Pony, they might have killed you”, page 55. Johnny risked his life Ponyboy. Even though Johnny was scared of the Socs that were jumping them, he still had the courage to stand up and save Ponyboy. Bob, the Soc that jumped them, Had already jumped Johnny in the past. This made Johnny more frightened yet he still had the courage to save Ponyboy.

Bob is not a hero.

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