Johnny And Ponyboy Murder Short Story

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Johnny has gotten jumped once and he said that the next person that tries to jump him he will kill. The murder was `caused because they were frowning Ponyboy and Bob was gonna beat up Johnny. Johnny killed Bob because Bob was gonna beat up Johnny. I 'm defending Johnny because he did not murder no-oe he was just self-defending . Johnny and Ponyboy went to the 2 blocks away to cool off. The socas started everything because they were the ones approaching Johnny and Ponyboy. The Socs said that ‘next time you don 't want a broad, pick up your own kind-dirt.” Which meant that next time to get their own kind of girl. Bob shook his head and said you know what you can use a bath , graser. Ponyboy ducked and tried to run for it, but the socs
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