Johnny Cade Character Analysis Essay

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Have you ever felt like you didn’t fit in or you never belonged? Well in the story “The Outsiders”, Johnny Cade and the rest of the greasers felt that way also. The Outsiders by S.E Hinton tells the story of the greasers and the soc’s, two loosely-organized teen gangs in mid-1960’s Tulsa, Oklahoma. The character Johnny Cade was frightened, quiet, and abused. First of all Johnny Cade was frightened, he was frightened of coming home to his parents, he was frightened because the soc’s beat him up really badly, and he was frightened that he was going to die. The article states on page 30, “Johnny was jumpier than ever”. This shows us that Johnny was spooked and it made everything around him think, was bad. The article claims on page 5,“Johnny was scared of his own shadow.”. This shows that Johnny has been through a lot to make him scared of his own shadow.…show more content…
He was the most quiet greaser of them all he never really spoke much, not even in front of girls. The article asserts on page 34, “I have quite a rep for being quiet, almost as quiet as Johnny.”. This shows that Ponyboy was giving an example that Johnny is very closed-mouth, which means he didn’t like to talk much. “Johnny was quiet for a minute” (pg. 5 S.E Hinton). This is another example of Johnny being his usual self muted, and that means he is not very opening. Lastly, Johnny Cade was one of the most known characters for being abused. According to the article page 30 “Johnny was high-strung anyway, a nervous wreck from getting belted every time he turned around from hearing his parents fight…”. Therefore he was abused by his parents he tried his hardest to keep going but still got mistreated by his parents. The article also states on page 15 “I remembered how awful Johnny had looked when he got beaten up.”. This shows that Ponyboy knows that Johnny was beat up, and how the soc’s and parents almost took Johnny’s
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