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Johnny Cade is 16 years old, a greaser, and lives in the East Side of the town which is where the poor class lives. He was not very good in school, but was a quiet boy trying his best to not get in a “mess”. He would be very nervous when talking to people/strangers he didn’t know about, especially the Socs. He died being a hero to all young and old saving lives although his life was taken away. Johnny Cade was born in March 1,1949 and died in the year of 1965. He died as a hero to those defenseless kids who he saved from the burning church. As he took out the last kids trapped inside the church, the church burning in flames of fire fell on top of Johnny causing him to get a 3 degree burn. Since, this was too much for a 16 year-old kid, he unfortunately didn’t survive and died.…show more content…
He wasn't a big fan of getting in somebody's way because he got scared since he was jumped by the Socs. In a time, he and Ponyboy were alone in the park until some Socs got to them and were beating them up. Johnny had a switchblade with him so he used it in that time to kill Bob, (and save Pony) who was drowning Ponyboy in a waterfall. After this, the rest of the Socs ran away while Ponyboy and Johnny went towards Dally to get help. Later on, Johnny saved the kids from the church on fire meaning that he turned into a hero. Johnny Cade’s family were his parents, Mr. And Mrs. Cade, who he disliked because they never cared about him. His parents were those that were abusive and alcoholic. He was very sensitive about this so his people called him a “lost puppy”. Since this was his case, he truly felt that the gang greasers were his family. He was also the gang’s pet. Out of all, Dallas Winston was a person who loved Johnny like his own brother and Johnny loved him back,
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