Johnny Cash Accomplishments

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Johnny Cash, also known as the Man in Black, was a singer, songwriter, guitarist with a rich, booming baritone voice. His musical career spanned half a century. However, it is hard to think of Johnny Cash without thinking of his wife, June Carter Cash. Her unconditional love and support changed his life. June rescued Johnny from his drug addiction and helped him rediscover his Christian faith.

John R. Cash was born in Arkansas in 1932. Music was a fundamental part of his everyday life. His mother sang folk songs and hymns. There were sing-alongs on the family porch. He heard work songs from the fields and railroad yards. His mother believed he had a gift for singing, so she saved enough money to give him singing lessons. After only three lessons his teacher, recognizing his unique singing style, told
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Cash moved to California in 1958, and then began a nine-year period of alcohol and drug abuse. He stated, “I took all the drugs there are to take, and I drank.” Despite his addiction, he continued to release a number of country and pop hits. As he continued to struggle with his addiction, he endured an arrest, a serious auto accident, a near-fatal overdose, and a divorce. Cash then moved to Nashville, Tennessee where he began a relationship with June Carter.

June Carter was a member of one of the founding families of country music, the Carter Family. June befriended Johnny, and they began working together regularly, recording several hit duets. Their passion for each other could not be denied. June wrote the hit song “Ring of Fire,” expressing her feelings for him. “Love is a burning thing and it makes a fiery ring, bound by wild desire I fell into a ring of fire.” In 1968 they married. June began to save Cash from himself. She helped him conquer his addiction and reconverted him to his fundamentalist
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