Johnny Cash And Hank Williams Similarities

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Hank Williams Sr. and Johnny Cash were two great country songwriters and singers. They had their similarities and differences in their time on earth. They both had similar lifestyles as a child and singer, but they each had a different way of controlling their drug and alcohol use. The ups and downs in their life made them who they are today. Hank Williams Sr. was born on September 17, 1923, his birthplace was in Mount Olive, Alabama. Hank was the third child of Lillie and Lon Williams, while he was growing up his family did not have a lot of money. His father made his money as a logger and then later he entered the Veterans Administration hospital. He rarely saw his father for the early part of his life. His mother made her money by rooming…show more content…
In 1957 Johnny, released his debut album, Johnny Cash with His Hot & Blue Guitar. By the early 1960s, Johnny Cash, who had relocated his family to Ventura, California, and left Sun for Columbia Records in 1958, and was on the road 300 nights a year, he also appeared regularly on the Louisiana Hayride and Grand Ole Opry radio broadcasts. His life took a turn for the worst and he got into drugs and drinking. His wife eventually filed for divorce. Cash returned to Memphis, where his life continued to spiral out of control. The following year, after a serious drug binge, there were incidents, where he found his life closing in on him. His turning point came in 1967, when he met singer-songwriter June Carter, a member of the founding family of country music. Johnny kicked his drug habit and became a devout Christian fundamentalist. He had a few of hits after he cleaned up his life but the pressure got to him and his battles with addiction came back to him. Over the next year, Cash 's health continued to decline. He rarely made public appearances. In May 2003, June Carter died. He keeps doing his work the best he can and he releases an album right before he dies. The cause for his death was from diabetes; he was seventy-one when he passed away. Even though he died he name did not and he is still known today as a great…show more content…
"Johnny Cash." A&E Networks Television, n.d. Web. 25 Apr. 2016. Johnny Cash and Hank Williams Sr. have some similarities in their life as a young child and as a country singer. Also music had a big impact on their life as a young boy and as their career. This made them who they are today. They both grew up in a family that did not have every much money and had to work just to get by. In their life music was the only thing they could really do that was fun because of the conditions they lived in. As a young child they both learned how to play the guitar and carried that throughout their careers. While they were on the road to success, they became well know for country music. They both overcame their poor childhood and became wealthy doing what they loved. While they were in their fame they both got hooked on drugs and alcohol. This action decreased their performance and put their lives in danger. This challenged them in a way where they would have to pick between cleaning their lives up or keep doing drugs and drinking alcohol. "Hank Williams." Encyclopedia of World Biography. 2004, and "Williams, Hank." The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th Ed.. 2016. "Hank Williams." HighBeam Research, 01 Jan. 2004. Web. 25 Apr.

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