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J. R. Cash also known as Johnny Cash was one and still is one of the biggest names in country and rock n roll music! Did you know that he first wanted to sing gospel music early in his career? Did you also know that he became an ordained minister?! Do you also know what happened in his childhood, his early and later career, or why he even became famous? Well you’re about to find out!
J. R. Cash/ John R. Cash/ Johnny Cash or known as “The Man in Black” in the music industry was born on February 26th 1932. He died on September 12th 2003. Johnny Cash was one of the seven children in his family. The Cash children were Roy, Margaret Louise, Jack, J. R., Reba, Joanne, and Tommy. (Tommy Cash also became a successful country singer as well.) They all
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He would play with a guitarist named Luther Perkins and a bassist named Marshall Grant also known as the Tennessee Two at night. Johnny had finally worked up the courage to audition for Sam Phillips for Sun Records but didn’t get a contract because Phillips said he didn’t record gospel music anymore. Cash came back to the producer with new songs then he finally got Phillips to sign him. One of the first songs that Cash recorded at Sun Records was “Hey Porter” and “Cry! Cry! Cry!” released in late June of 1955. In 1957 Cash was the first Sun artist to ever release a long playing album. Cash left Sun Records after getting an offer from Columbia Records. Johnny had left a ton of backlogs of his recordings at Sun Records when he had left for Columbia Records so he was in an unusual situation because he was releasing songs with Columbia Records, but at the same time Sun Records was releasing some of his songs that he had recorded for them but never released at the same time. Rolling Stone ranked Johnny Cash as No. 31 in their “100 Greatest Artists of All Time” list in 2004. Rolling Stone also ranked Johnny Cash No. 21 in their “100 Greatest Singers” list in 2010. Johnny Cash also did a Folsom Prison concert for the inmates on January 1, 1958 which was his first and most memorable prison concert. Later in Cash’s

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