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“Hey Porter” along with “Cry! Cry! Cry!” and “Ring of fire” were songs made famous by singer and songwriter Johnny R. Cash ( Johnny Cash).Johnny Cash was born on February 26, 1932 in Kingsland, Arkansas along with his six siblings to Ray and Carrie Rivers Cash. However, Mr. Cash and his siblings did not stay in Arkansas very long, and relocated with his parents under the new Roosevelt farm program to Dyess Colony in northwest Arkansas (Silva, 2017). After the move to Dyess Colony, Mr. Cash farmed cotton and other seasonal crops on 20 acres alongside his family (Johnny Cash, N.D).
Background/Assessment Information Mr. Cash’s childhood was not an easy one, working long hours on the family farm to help his parents provide for him and his brother and sisters. On the negative side, he experienced a family tragedy with the loss of his brother Jack who received injuries during a tragic sawmill accident, which claimed his life one week after it happened. The loss of Jack affected Johnny Cash who stated, “Jack has stayed with me,” “He’s been there in those
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Cash was a singer/songwriter who emerged from the 1950s Rock and Roll error to be the youngest living inductee at age 48 to the country music Hall of Fame (Miller. 2018). Mr. Cash worked in an automotive plant in Pontiac, Michigan after graduating high school in 1950. However, his tenure in the working world was short lived when he joined the United States Air Force and completed basic training in Texas (Miller, 2018). In fact, after living in Texas, Mr. Cash met his first wife Vivian Liberto then he shipped off to Landsberg, Germany where he stayed until his discharge in 1954. Mr. Cash returned to the U.S.A., married Ms. Liberto, and had four daughters, where in the late sixties he left his family behind to pursue another woman. Mr. Cash became a superstar during the 1950s-1960s selling records and sold out shows across America. In 1956, he performed at the Grand Ole Opry, which was a dream of his (Miller,
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