Johnny Cash's Role Model

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Johnny Cash has done many things in his career. He is one of the best in the Country Hall Of Fame. Johnny Cash has shown me how much it takes to be a musician. He has recorded over 300 songs. He is my role model. Johnny Cash left a legacy behind after he passed away. He left his name shining on a bright golden plate. On his story it shows me how hard he tried. How he recorded songs and kept trying to get a recording from a studio. It shows me how hard I will have to try. Johnny Cash earned his way into the Country Hall Of Fame. He fought his own war of being laughed at and told he’s never going to be popular. He fought that and and won to accomplish his dreams. Johnny Cash was at the studio at least fifty percent of his life. He recorded…show more content…
I look up to Johnny Cash. I look up to him because I want a music career. I want to grow up making music just like Johnny Cash did. Without his music, I wouldn’t have anything to play. I hope one day I can hit big and famous. He has shown me how to approach the world of being an musician just by doing it. Johnny Cash is my role model because I look up to him and try to record songs, and perform like him .He always had something good to say, even when he was mad at the world. He has always been my favorite singer and always will be. I do not know how I would play guitar without his music. He has shown me how to write a song with your true feelings inside that song. Johnny Cash is my favorite role model. All the things he has done has shown me how to accomplish my dreams of going big and famous. Without Johnny Cash, I couldn’t play guitar, or sing songs, or even write songs. I always sing and play his music. When I write a song it sounds like one of Johnny’s songs. Without Johnny Cash I wouldn’t have any music to play or any music to listen to, because I listen to his music all the
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