Johnny Character Analysis

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A hero is a murder to, aren’t they? The Outsiders by S.E.Hinton is about how people see other people they don’t know, examples include how the greasers view the socs. Also this story occurs in a city that is divided into gangs that fight each other about what gang is better. One character that I find interesting is Johnny. He is interesting because, he is one of the protagonists, and antagonist, Also he is around and dynamic character, he has two sides to him and changed from a scared but to a hero. Johnny can be described as heroic and scared at the same time, he is also very quiet. Johnny can be described as heroic for many reasons. One example is when he went into the burning church to save the children. On page 91 it says, “He says I’ve got it and ran inside”. This shows that he felt it was his and Ponyboy’s fault and that they should fix it. Another dilemma is when he killed Bob to protect Ponyboy. On page 56 it says, “Next thing I noticed was a dark pool of blood” Therefore he is a hero to Ponyboy for saving him. From these examples it shows that Johnny is heroic. This character can also be described as scared. This is apparent when they found him after he got beat up by the socs in Ponyboy’s flashback. On page 33 it says “I saw a blue mustang and I got scared.” This shows that he was…show more content…
One example of being heroic is when he goes back into the church to save the kids. He went back in and saved thee kids because Johnny and Ponyboy were the last people in the church. This character can also be described as scared when he doesn’t move after getting beaten up he got beat up by the Socs in the beginning of the book Finally, this character can also be considered quiet when he gets scared he doesn’t talk like when Two Bit scares him he sat quietly for a while while everybody else talked. In conclusion if you think about it not everything stay perfect in the world, and that’s
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