Johnny Depp Biography Essay

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Johnny Depp – Biography Johnny Depp is an actor, whose name has become a recognized symbol of eccentricity and madness. Making his debut in the horror picture «A Nightmare on Elm Street», he didn’t even plan to become a professional actor. But, fate said otherwise. Today Johnny Depp is one of the few most original and recognizable actors. Johnny Depp – Childhood and Family John Christopher «Johnny» Depp II father, a namesake of his son, was a civil engineer. The actor’s mother, Betty Sue Palmer, had worked as a waitress for 14 years. Before she met Johnny’s father, she was already married, and got two sons, Debbie and Daniel. Johnny Depp has only one sister. Her name is Christy. Johnny Depp’s mom was half Indian. Her father belonged to…show more content…
However, the guy didn't even think to become a professional actor; he believed that an horror movie will serve a «springboard» for his musical career. Released in 1984, «A Nightmare on Elm Street» was a breakthrough, and Johnny Depp drew the attention of other Hollywood figures. He accepted an invitation to the teenager comedy «Private Resort» immediately. He first had to appear naked in this picture. Later on, the actor starred in TV-series «Hotel» and «Lady in blue» episodes, wanting to save enough money to producing his own album. He also played a Donnie Fleischer’s minor role in the picture «Slow Burn» by Eric Roberts. The acting hooked the guy more. Finally, he spent the money earned on acting classes. Perhaps, this gesture provided him with a role in the war drama «Platoon» by Oliver Stone. He was full of desire to play the main role, but the film director decided that the rookie was not yet ready to assume such responsibility. He gave this role to Charlie Sheen. Depp had to settle for a co-starring role of private solder Lerner. Alas, almost all scenes with his participation were cut during the final editing. Under the meanness law, in 1987 «Platoon» received eight nominations for Oscar, of which exactly half went into an eligible Golden
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