Johnny English Reborn Analysis

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In this critical review, we are going to discuss a movie, which is directed by Oliver Parker, entitle “Johnny English Reborn”. This movie is about Johnny English hunts down international assassins. This story starts with Johnny English learned martial arts in Tibet. Ting Wang, his Tibetan Guru, an MI7 sleeper agent and requested by MI7 to teach Johnny. English returned to MI7 's London headquarter and was assigned by his new boss called "Pegasus" to stop a plot to assassinate the Chinese prime minister during scheduled talks with the Prime Minister. Johnny also met with his fellow friend, agent Simon Ambrose with codenamed "Agent One" and MI7 's technology inventor, Patch Quartermain. He was also assigned a junior agent, Tucker to help him during his mission. His chinese friend was murdered in a casino and English found a poker chip in his chinese friend’s hand with the clue of ex-CIA agent, Fisher in Hong Kong. Fisher revealed that he was one of a member in 'Vortex '. Vortex was a secret organization of assassins, who also sabotaged English mission back in Mozambique. Vortex 's power hidden in a secret assassination weapon that need three metal keys to unlock in which Fisher has one of the key. Fisher was killed by Pik Sen-Lim an assassin who dressed like a cleaner. Kate investigated footage of English failed mission in Mozambique and realized that the behavior of Shambal 's bodyguard seemed not normal. They found out that Vortex was using a drug called Timoxeline
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