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Chef Johnny Hernandez was introduced to the food industry since he was little. He grew up surrounded of the food and restaurant environment. His father owned a restaurant in San Antonio. He and his father oversaw the food preparation, and back of the house operations, while his sister took care of the front of the house operations. As he started to work with his father he grew a passion for the food industry. When it came time for him to further his career, he attended a culinary school in New York. After attending school and graduated he went to work for the Four Seasons and after adding more experience into his career portfolio, he opened one of his first restaurant. Johnny Hernandez is an entrepreneur that has become successful in the food industry. Chef Hernandez is the owner and founder of several restaurants in the world. He owns True Flavors, La Gloria, The Fruteria, and El Machito restaurants. His restaurants operate in Texas, Las Vegas, and the United Kingdom serving authentic Mexican dishes. The restaurants range from high end restaurants with an environment of formal dining with exceptional service and high food quality to…show more content…
Throughout his career John Hernandez has made his presence in several publications such as in the Martha Stewart Magazine, Texas Monthly, Tasting Table, Siempre Mujer Magazine and several others. He has also been part of the Top Chef TV show, Cooking Channel 's Man Fire Food and Simply Ming, and in Bizarre Foods. Indeed, he has also work with Aguacates de Mexico, McCormick, and the National Pork Board as a spokesman. Having such an array of exposure he has earned high recognition in this industry. He has been recognized in "The 50 Most Influential U.S Hispanics" and "Top 5 Hispanics Chiefs in America". Accomplishing his goals has taken him such a long way making such a remarkable path in his

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