Johnny Is Cool

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Johnny isn 't school smart, but he sure is practical. After innocent johnny killed a Soc, he only took a second to cool down and then started to make a plan. Almost anyone would break down for a long time before even thinking about getting up on their feet. But johnny, he is different. He knew that he would get jail time if the buzz caught him (pg 57-58). Another scene where Johnny was street smart was when He decided to dye his hair and cutting Pony’s hair. This was especially smart because the description in the newspaper wouldn 't fit their descriptions when they went out in public so they wouldn 't be suspicious. He did everything he could to make sure that they wouldn 't get caught (pg. 71). Finally, johnny deciding to turn himself in was a smart move because not only would…show more content…
The most noticeable thing you notice about Johnny is he is fearful. the main reason why is is fearful is because he was jumped by four Socs. He was cut and bruised up and didn 't really talk much after that. It was only after he meets Cherry and Marcia, he started to talk. He also was fearful because his parents spanked him. Another scene where he was fearful was when he hesitated to kill Bob. He was fearful of what would happen if he did. he would never see the gang again and would get tortured in the electric chair. The fear of killing a boy his age would haunt him forever. Lastly, he shows he is fearful when people were going to die. He killed bob because he thought that Ponyboy was going to get killed, and he jumped into that church, risking his life to save many children 's lives. I think he didn 't want to see other lives go to waste after he took one himself. Johnny had a good reason to be scared. Johnny is a interesting character in the story, The Outsiders. Without his unique personality and background, the greasers just wouldn 't be the same. He is fearful, sensitive, and practical. I think he is one of the best characters in the book The Outsiders. Johnny will always
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