Johnny Passed Away Analysis

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“Six days work shall be done, but on the seventh day, you shall have a sabbath day of solemn rest, holy to the Lord. Whoever does any work on that day shall be put to death.” Exodus 35:2. Johnny should not have gone behind Mr. Lapham's back and worked on a Sunday. Some people, say he should have because he had a job to complete. However Mr Lapham was older and wiser then Johnny and told him to wait. Johnny should not have gone behind his masters commands and worked on Sunday. He knew it was wrong, he ruined things for his future, he lost important things. Johnny knew going behind Mr. Lapham was wrong. Johnny grew up in a Christian home he knew about the Bible and he knew God's rules. God tells us in his word Sunday is the day of rest and that we are not to work on it. Johnny was an apprentice with the Lapham family their rules were known among the family. As a family they respected God and chose to save the sabboth. By going against their given rules, Johnny…show more content…
Johnny was an apprentice with the Lapham's and he lived in their house. When he broke the rules and became unable to work he had no reason to stay. After he moved out he became distanced from the family he once greatly cherished. Johnny lost his job. When you break the rules you have to be punished, and in this unfortunate case Johnny lost his job as a punishment. Johnny Tremain was well known and respected in the silversmith community. His mistake came across as a great disrespect therefore the respect had by his fellow silversmith was lost. Johnny shouldn't have worked on Sunday and gone against Mr Lapham's rules. He knew it was wrong, he ruined his life long term, and he lost many important things. Johnny's mistake should be taken as an important lesson to kids reading this book. It shows why children should always obey their parents and masters even if they think their way is better. Choosing to work on Sunday was the wrong
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