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John Peters Ringo aka Johnny Ringo, was part of the outlaw group of Cochise County Cowboys in Tombstone, Cochise County, Arizona Territory. Johnny Ringo was born on May 3, 1850. He was born in Greens Fork, Indiana, him and is family moved to Liberty, Missouri in 1856. Ringo first moved to Cochise County in 1879 with his friend Joseph Graves Olney aka Joe Hill. In December of 1879, Ringo shot an unarmed man named Louis Hancock just because he denied a free drink of whiskey and preferred beer. Ringo was known to have a bad temper, being involved in robberies and killings with the Cowboys. The newspapers referred to him as “Ringgold.” On January 17, 1882, Johnny Ringo and another famous outlaw Doc Holliday started talking trash

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