What Is The Cause Of Johnny Depp's Financial Crisis

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Johnny Depp has to to be one of the most sought after and one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood today, that is why everyone were totally shocked with the news that the actor is in a major financial crisis. Depp is known to have earned more than $500 million for almost 10 years in the film industry, including his earnings from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, which was one of the biggest projects. So how exactly did Capt. Jack Sparrow got himself into this type of crisis. One of the most common problems with celebrities when it comes to money is poor managing, could this be the major reason why Depp got into this mess, or is it his extremely lavish lifestyle that might lead him to bankruptcy? Keep reading to find out what exactly happened. JOHNNY DEPP’S FORTUNE…show more content…
Most of his films earned billions of dollars in the box office, and that just mean that he is basically paid so much. However, despite being one of the biggest names in Hollywood, Depp finds himself in a financial crisis. The Hollywood Reporter recently released a report regarding the fact that Depp earned more than $650 million in the last 13 years, but then again financial experts said that the actor surely spent more than what he could afford if he is indeed in a middle of a financial crisis right now since that amount of money is a lot. However, the big question is, who’s fault it
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