Johnny The Doe Monologue

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Sweetie, my dear, I love you so. And every day, I 'll let you know. 'I love you, hun. ' I 'll say to you. And I 'd be glad, if you 'd tell me too. But don 't feel pressed, that was never my intent. Just whenever I 'm alone, I feel pent, spent and long for your scent. I 'm not a genius, maybe not even clever. I just hope you 'll stay with me, for now and forever. I don 't want to go home, just lie down and die. Maybe when dead, to your house I can fly. My thought may be dark, bleak and black. But hope has left me, I 'm alone, and under attack. Yet somewhere inside, I cannot let go. Don 't want to be another, Johnny the Doe. Bound in this job, beneath chains and laws. Can I find freedom, with all of my flaws? My mind is
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