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"Stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold..." Those words were Johnny's last words before he passed on. Johnny was a person who everyone thought would live a bad, horrible life. He was often tortured by his parents, the Socials, and was to be left alone day by day. However, he has shown himself to the world that he will never be a pushover by people like the Socials and his parents, instead to shine as dazzling as a shooting star in the sky in the book Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. Johnny in the book was what everyone thought to be the unimportant character in the whole book. They were wrong. Johnny was known to be shy, thoughtful, and practical.
Johnny was known to be shy in many ways. As the book states him in the beginning on page 14, "Johnny wouldn't open his mouth unless he was forced to." He felt unsafe like an outcast in his family because his mother often ignores him and his father often abused him. Ever since then, he never talked to anybody, not even his gang in which he felt safe. Until that night in the movie theater Johnny with his friend Ponyboy, with two Socials named Sherri (Cherry) Valance and her friend Marcia, will forever make him talk especially Ponyboy's retelling them about how Johnny gets beaten up by the "four Socials in a blue Mustang while getting
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While being in the church to get away from the "fuzz" after killing Bob the Social, Johnny gets Ponyboy a copy of Gone with the Wind. This was because Johnny was getting supplies for them as they were supposed to wait for Dally to come and help them. On page 71, Johnny says to Ponyboy about it while being embarrassed, "I remembered you sayin' something about it once. I thought you could maybe read it out loud and help kill time." Johnny had known Ponyboy was upset after he had killed Bob despite it was an emergency situation of self-defense. In addition, Johnny felt bad about dragging Ponyboy into a dangerous situation so he tried to make it up to

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