How To Make A Difference In My Life Essay

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Johnny yang With the development of the society, this world becomes more and more diversification. Different people has different job and everyone in this world plays different roles. I am a 15-year-old children study in grade 10. I have to do a lot of assignments and participate in a lot of examinations, which gives me a lot of pressures. I am good at math and physics subject but only get a low score in other subjects but other students, such as my classmates, may be good at Chinese instead of math. This difference make me feel restless and it also brings me peer-pressure. The differences in this world also cause some bad consequences such as the racial discrimination or even the world war. Thus, I always imagine a world which has no wars, no differences, no stresses and no discriminations. Because of the imagine in the deep of my mind, I search whether there is a community or county like that during the internet. My eyes is lighten up by an article in the internet, which…show more content…
I walk along the creek and when I arrive the source of the creek, A bid mountain comes in my eyes where the forest suddenly disappeared. It seems that there is the slight spread out of the mountain from the mountain pass. I get into the path out of the curious. At the beginning of the path, the terrain is really cragged and contorted which could only contain a single person. However, when you walk along the path for about 10 steps, the path suddenly become broad and the terrain become gently. When I keep walking, an unbelievable scene makes me really surprised. There is a village behind the mountain. The land is flat which fosters some crops. The land is divided into some parts and each part has the same crops, which makes the land looks beautiful. The architectures have the same color and orderliness, which makes the village has the beauty of the
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