John's Acceptance: A Short Story

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John struggled with acceptance his entire life, being singled out due to the way he spoke and acted. However John had achieved a stable level of acceptance later in his life, but he felt that he was never fully and truly accepted. As a child John never fit in with his peers, he always said something wrong or acted in a way that the other children thought was strange. Never understanding why the other kids avoided him, John continued to act the way he did. From then on John was always treated differently than everyone else. He didn 't have any friends because he didn´t know how those social interactions worked, so he just avoided them all together. Although, later in John 's life he learned why people thought his actions were strange and…show more content…
John wanted to be accepted more than anything in the world. He wanted to fit in, make friends, meet girls, and live a happy life. However, his aspergers wouldn 't allow that… no, other people wouldn 't allow that because of his aspergers. When he was growing up John just wanted to achieve the level of acceptance everyone around him receives, but why doesn 't he receive it? The answer is simple, John was different. He was a person who thought and acted differently and people thought that was too odd, or too strange, or too annoying. People could even say that John 's aspergers was holding him back, and that it 's the reason that John didn 't fit in. . This mental illness, aspergers, causes the mind to work differently because it is a mild form of autism. Things and people like to be with their own kind, to be normal and accepted. However, when something, or someone, abnormal enters the group, it is singled out and cast away from the ¨normal¨ ones. The reason that John was cast away was because of his aspergers that caused him to act strange, which made the ¨normal¨ children cast him aside like a misfit. This disease is the root of John 's loneliness because it is the reason he acts so strangely compared to the other children. But is it fair to cast a person aside because of that? People should not be so quick to judge and treat others poorly due to something they cannot control, because one day it just might
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