Johns Hopkins Medicine: A Strategic Plan Analysis

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Most strategic plans are written to encompass an upcoming five-year period, and then are broken down into one to two year plans, which include tangible and measureable sections, also known as long and short term goals. An organization such as Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM), by its nature has an established reputation as the Johns Hopkins Hospital, opened in 1889, has been ranked number one in the nation by U.S. News & World Report for 22 years, most recently in 2013 (Johns Hopkins Medicine, n.d.). Their strategic plan would be ideal to utilize for any organization as a tool to assist them with their own plan for betterment. According to Ginter, Duncan, and Swayne (2013), long-range planning is used to determine things such as facilities expansion,…show more content…
JHM’s Strategic Plan Executive Council certainly had these ideas in mind when creating their priorities, goals, and strategies to reach each. Johns Hopkins Medicine (2013) strategic thinking took into consideration health care reform, including an increased need for accountability, transparency and controlling costs, the necessity to maintain stability while creating new responsive structures and honoring their mission of patient care, research and education, all the while emphasizing quality and affordability to meet consumer expectations in a competition driven market. Stakeholders that have influenced this strategic effort consist of employees at all levels, even potential future employees, patients and consumer, payers including state and federal, and the community that they serve, or as a broader whole, humanity. “Success occurs with an organizational strategy that focuses on new processes and services that meet the healthcare and financial needs of the customer while disrupting the status quo” (McLaughlin and Militello, 2015, p.…show more content…
These strategies do create work across two organizational levels: organizational, and unit-level, as JHM is an academic medical system. They have clearly outlined what services are most appropriate, and how to increase their market share. Also, they have identified very specific departments within their organization that could implement the most relevant changes that yield the best results. The strategic plan presented by JHM drives the right performance improvement initiatives, encourages innovation and willingness to look at the

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