Johns Hopkins University Personal Statement

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As an asthmatic child, I used to wake up wheezing at the dead of night. Upon hearing my emphatic coughing and gasps for breath, either my father or mother would always bring me to the same desk with the same antiquated nebulizer. While sitting quietly at that desk for 45 minutes was not an enjoyable experience, it was a subconsciously influencing one. If there is anything that I remember about the nebulizer that had save my life a countless number of times, it would be the words “Johns Hopkins University” that were etched in its outdated exterior. Growing up, the medical environment had always been prevalent in my life due to my father’s occupation as a physician. I had spent long summer afternoons running around my father’s clinic with my brother and sister, watched engaging family dinners get interrupted by my…show more content…
With its leading scientific facilities and its more than credible reputation, Johns Hopkins University is the ideal school for me to gain the background I need to become a successful physician. As a student I would devoutly utilize every facility necessary to facilitate the advancement towards my goal. I firmly believe that completing my undergraduate at Johns Hopkins University would distinguish me when it comes time to apply for medical school and that the university as a whole would help cultivate me into an intellectual, contributing member of society.
Although I am a man of many passions, spanning everything from guitars to politics, my drive to become a doctor is the most meaningful. A doctor’s lifestyle can appease all my other passions while at the same time afford me the pride of my family and the people I love. In the end, I want to pursue a profession that allows me to take care of the people I love, just as my father did. In life we often overlook the power of one’s will, and in my circumstance this power has alone sustained my
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