John's Themes In By The Waters Of Babylon

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John is one of the characters in the story “By the Waters of Babylon” and he is the protagonist of the story. After he touches the metal, he becomes a priest just like his father after he is taken to the Dead Places. From beginning to end, John had shown courage and desire once he became a priest. He was determined of entering the Place of the Gods although it was forbidden he was curious about what is over there. John is brave throughout his journey to the Places of God and is not scared once he arrives.He discovers the truth and decides to tell his father about what he saw and dreamt about.
There are countless of themes found in this story and the one I discovered is a dangerous crossing. As you read this story, you read that it was forbidden to enter the Places of the Gods and it was declared to be off limits. Numberless of people wanted to know what was in the East but they
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The first one is internal because his desire was to see what is in the Place of Gods and his fear of what will happen to him if he goes there. The second one is external conflict because it is real or imagined outside threats. This means that he had to deal with any threats that were in his way traveling to the East and to see if they were real or not because the people from the village said there were demons and spirits all around.
The tone and mood are different from “By the Waters of Babylon” if you read it yourself you will see the differences. The mood is reflexive and calm because there are no actions happening it seems almost like passive by the way the story is told there is no part where it is suspenseful. The tone is assertive and helpful because John was determined to find out what was in the Place of the Gods. Although many of the villagers were afraid of entering the forbidden place he wasn’t and explained to others his experience when he crossed over every since they stopped being
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