Johnson Swot Analysis

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Johnson & Johnson
Johnson & Johnson started in New Jersey ,United State in 1986. The founders are Robert Wood Johnson, James wood Johnson and Edward Johnson. The company's business is divided into three major segments like Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices , and Consumer Products. In 2013, these segments contributed 39%, 40%, and 21% of the company's total revenues. Edward invented Band-Aid adhesive bandages in year 1920 when his wife’s hand often got burned during cooking food.
There are few facts about Johnson & Johnson:
• Last Year sales rose by 6%.
• Took a jump of 6 place and acquired 29th position in fortune 500.
• Profit increased by 22%
• 6th most profitable company in America
• Total asset $131 Billion
Johnson & Johnson did a key acquisition of two companies, Cilag Chemie in Europe and McNeil Laboratories in the United States. In 1959 McNeil was the first company who developed a aspirin-free pain reliever, Tylenol elixir for children.
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Price They always take care the consumer price index hence Johnson & Johnson has a pact with US government to work on different approaches on pricing. Bengay Pain Relief $12.99, at Amazon, Listerine Oral Care $7.49 , Splenda Sweetener $7 and Tylenol Rapid Release $12.95.
Johnson & Johnson has a business across the globe and their products are available in some Retail outlets like, Walgreens, Walmart, Vons & Eversave etc.
They offer lot of coupons and rebate on the products and Walgreens may also include buy one get one half off discount as well.
Trusted to enrich the health of customer every day
Will be the fastest growing health care company.

Johnson & Johnson Global Business
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