Johnson & Johnson Organizational Behavior

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TERM PAPER ON ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR TOPIC: JOHNSON & JOHNSON – An Investigation On Its Success BY- RITUPARNA KURMI ROLL NO. 13UMPS13 B.SC 6TH SEMESTER DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY JOHNSON & JOHNSON INTRODUCTION Johnson & Johnson is an organization which deals with the manufacture of American multinational medical devices, consumer healthcare packaged goods and pharmaceuticals. It was founded by Robert Wood Johnson with his brothers James Wood Johnson and Edward Mead Johnson in 1886. It started from making surgical dressings to improve proper sanitation and healthcare after being influenced from Joseph Lister, pioneer of antiseptic surgery. Johnson & Johnson includes…show more content…
It is rather offering solutions to the uniquely focused needs. It aims in high quality products and in the creating the best products flawlessly. Inorder to meet the growing demands it focuses on innovation in the labs and the workplace. Growth Drivers are guided by Leadership Imperatives: “Connect, Shape, Lead and Deliver”. Leaders are expected to create bring about change for the better processing of the industry through innovations and advance healthcare, motivate employees individually and in teams, and giving talent utmost…show more content…
• Operations are disturbed by market fluctuations as it is a global brand. Opportunities: • Accession of other small companies • Bringing out more products for rural people and the economy class Threats: • Excessive promotion may make the product generic • Availability of low cost competitors. Inspite of many challenges the company has survived for more than a century and is providing their care and assistance globally. Such a long term success has been possible because of the compilation of many factors such as effective management and leadership skills, proper handling of workforce diversity, adopting effective measures for handling economic pressures, adapting excellently with globalization, and large diversification of products. Johnson & Johnson has touched the ground in listening to the problems of their employees. They have taken excellent measures in attracting, retaining and developing talent. It provides various training and education to their employees and hold programs for enhancing motivation in them. The company has been able to meet the needs of people across the globe ahead of various demographic diversity. It can be looked upon as to derive inspiration for its

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