Johnson & Johnson's New Human Resource Model

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Hudson Cases Hiring a Team of Seven for Johnson & Johnson 's New HR Model The client for this case is Johnson & Johnson and they were working on a new human resource model. The main focus for the new human resource model is to improve interactions in the way the company attracts new talent and try to increase the experience for the hiring manager as well as the candidate while building on the employer brand. One of the main challenges for this case was hiring a team of seven in a three month timespan. The other challenges were finding qualified individuals who would mesh well with the company as a whole. Hudson listened to the company and worked with the hiring manager to form better insight on what was being asked of them. They conducted the meetings with all potential candidates and took to heart what Johnson & Johnson really wanted in their employees. As a result, the team was hired by the target date. Hudson helped with the final touches such as start dates and training scheduling. The last paragraph talked about how five months in the team is having challenges due to steps that were not included. Johnson & Johnson gave the team great feedback on their professionalism as well as their Knowledge of the business and industry. They also stated that overall the team is working together and bonding well. Two New Strategies for Hiring a Team of Seven for Johnson & Johnson 's New HR Model The company could have job fairs for people interested in a career at Johnson and

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