Awareness Of Satisfaction In Marguerite Johnson's Graduation

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In the story “Graduation”, Marguerite Johnson 's awareness of satisfaction in her academic achievements and upcoming graduation is questioned by the commencement speaker. He points out the stereotype views of African-Americans from his perspective and others. There is a familiar song that resumes Marguerite 's sense of accomplishment while giving her a greater awareness of the struggles and achievements of her ancestors and others. She feels accomplished because she overcame her struggles and became something greater. Her graduation wasn’t the ending but it was the beginning of something new for her. Throughout the story, Marguerite and her family are excited about the graduation and the excite epidemic was outrages. “The children in Stamos trembled visibly with anticipation. Some adults were excited too, but to be certain the whole young population had come down with graduation epidemic”, explains how the excitement spreaded throughout the society like an outbreak. The…show more content…
Mr. Donleavy took away her happiness but it only motivated her to do better and motivate others. She did not want others to feel the pain she felt because this was a time for congratulations. “It was awful to be a Negro and have no control over my life. It was brutal to be young and already trained to sit quietly and listen to charges brought against my color with no chance of defense”, shows how furious she was because she had no way to defend herself and others from the racist comments. They could not defend themselves because they were taught to follow the white race orders. She learns that no one could bring her down because once she was called upon the stage to do the honors, she let her hate turn into motivation. The whites always talked about how the blacks couldn’t be leaders but they showed them different and overcame the obstacles that were thrown at

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