Joining A Trade School Essay

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Should you join a trade School instead of college?
Going to college usually is an automatic thing to do for students after graduating from high school. The reasons for this obvious choice are varied. Most students and society at large are conditioned to follow this transition from school to college. Getting a college degree is considered as a must.
However, more and more students are now opting to join trade schools instead of colleges after their schooling. It is increasingly being considered as a better option than college. This is partly due to high costs of college education these days as well as the students wanting to learn more and better than they can in colleges. College education is lengthy and a bachelor’s degree usually takes four years to complete. This means joining the workforce late. Compare this with lesser programs time (usually two years) in trade schools and the opportunity cost of joining a trade school becomes high as more time is spent on the job and the real world instead of
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The two less years in trade school also accounts for higher earnings of students. Since these students are trained for skilled jobs, they have higher job security as most of these jobs require physical presence in order to perform the job and cannot be exported.
It is important to find trade schools that are most appropriate and fit for you. This can be judged on various criteria like cost involved, job prospects, skills offered and accreditation received. In today’s high-precision skills demanding market, trade schools seem to be surely a good bet! The choice of the most appropriate trade school or between college and trade school or even first college and then trade school however, as always, should depend on your personal
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