Joining Canada Confederation Case Study

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Newfoundland made the right decision in joining Canada in 1949 because in return they were given the promise of prosperity and security due to family allowance, higher standards of living and relief of debt. When Newfoundland joined Confederation, it was by far the the poorest province. Billions of dollars of equalization payments later and investments into the province by the Federal Government, now means Newfoundland is richer than the average Canadian province and has not qualified for equalization payments since 2008. The first reason why Newfoundland made the right decision in joining Canadian Confederation was because Canada relieved Newfoundland of the financial debt burdening it. Newfoundland had a period…show more content…
At the time Newfoundland joined with Canada, the average income of the colony was one-third of the Canadian average and the death rate associated with diseases of poverty was three times higher. Joey Smallwood’s promised reforms would mean the new province would be able to enjoy a higher standard of living. This ultimately encompassed “a healthier population, less TB, a lower infant mortality: better care for the aged and blind, and war vets, too…”⁴ All of these aspects contributed greatly to the overall prosperity and security enjoyed by Newfoundlanders after joining Canada and continues to benefit them today. 3.Waterson, Adam G. "Letter to the Editor." Editorial. Evening Telegram 12 Aug. 1950: 1. Print. 4.Baxter, Anne. "Honest Beliefs." Honest Beliefs. Queen 's Printer for Canada, 5 Jan. 2012. Web. 12 Dec. 2016. In conclusion, Newfoundland made the right decision in joining Confederation. This was because of Canada delivering on its promise to provide Newfoundland with family allowance, and investing in roads and infrastructure projects, and relieving the debts of the province. Newfoundlands decision of joining confederation ultimately shaped it into the successful province that it is today. I personally believe that we would not be saying the same had it not joined with Canada, which illustrates the true extent to which Newfoundlanders enjoyed prosperity
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