Joint Commission Mission Statement

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The Joint Commission is a non-profit (independent) USA based accrediting organization for Medicaid reimbursement. The Joint Commission accredits tens of thousands of healthcare facilities in the US. Their goals are to provide a standard of patient safety, treatment and quality by unannounced surveys and providing private reports of their findings which can be publically accessed. The accredited facility must comply with the Joint Commissions standards or be aware and plan to meet their expectation within four months. Some of the accredited types of organizations include but not limited to are, general hospitals, home care, nursing care centers, behavioral care centers, ambulatory and independent laboratories. What does this mean for its patients? It provides an established parameter of standards for procedures, services and quality of treatment that can be researched by the public. The Joint Commissions mission statement is, “To continuously improve health care for the…show more content…
This does not mean private business are corrupt free but that they are also accountable for their actions. It is much easier to shut down a private business then to shut down a government controlled agency. Beside any monetary factor, the wellness and quality assurances in their procedures are transparent regardless of political agendas. The Joint Commissions agendas and policies are very similar to other privately owned entities overseeing many public and private owned businesses like any sports commissions (NBA, NFL, etc) or the Better Business Bureaus (BBB). Their goals are to provide the public access to responsible and trustworthy business owners who keep their customers and employees rights and health services to a set standard. Without non-profit organizations like these, the public would be much more vulnerable to be taken advantage of for
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