Jojo, The Sane Sane Deep-Self-View

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Wolf proposes the sane deep-self view states that for an individual to be morally responsible for some action they have committed, if and only if (1) this individual is able to control that action by their desires, as well as such desires are governed by their deep selves, and (2) the individual’s deep self is sane. Consequently, Wolf’s proposal evidently proves why
JoJo cannot be held responsible for his actions committed. Hence, JoJo is an insane individual. For one to be considered sane, Wolf claims one must have an idea of what one is doing and to have beliefs/values that correctly correspond with the way the state of the world is. JoJo’s beliefs and values essentially do not match up with how the state of the world is and thus he is considered insane and is suffering
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In future generations, they may look back at our generation and consider the consumption and slaughtering of animals as a cruel and horrifying act. To simply put, possibly individuals of this generation are simply not sane, it is hard to differentiate and to know if one is sane or not. In the past generations, when looking at the slave owners, they were so brainwashed into the culture and mistaken on the values that they were unable to recognize their own mistakes, and in fact they were insane for doing such horrible actions and should be held morally responsible. In this current period, lots of moral subjects are still at issue. One can say that our morals are closer to the truth than those of slave owners. Furthermore, we will continue to discover things that we are still wrong at. The ultimate question is that if someone like JoJo who has a disturbed psychological makeup is not responsible for his actions because he is not in control of his deepest self, we as individuals are also not in control of our deep selves. Thus, making us question whether or not we are sane because generations ago Nazis had the wrong morality, and history can repeat itself
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