Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Analysis

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Paul seems to be afraid of Erik, which is reasonable given the things that he has put Paul through. For example, Paul is a constant punching bag for Erik, as he mocks him and feels superior towards him; Erik being the older sibling and thus has more freedom. The story also gives hints that Erik has something to do with Paul's lack of peripheral sight. However, despite that Paul is afraid of Erik, is doesn't mean that Paul isn't willing to indirectly go against him. He has seen many heinous things that Erik has done, like punching Tino and mocking Mike Costello, so he seems to be waiting for the right time to strike. Erik's mockery of Paul also showed him into the person he is today, even if it's good or bad. Paul can now take criticism and pushing nonchalantly and is used to rough…show more content…
These two brothers are built to be against each other, and this trope is in other medias, like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. In Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, when we first meet Dio Brando, the antagonist and step brother of Jonathan Joestar, he kicks Jonathan’s dog and then tells his stepfather that the dog attacked him. Dio constantly goes out of his way to ruin Jonathan's life, he embarrasses him in front of all his friends, he kissed his crush thus causing them to have a fallout, he killed his dog, and later kills his stepfather and Jonathan himself. The story evens goes to show how otherworldly his evilness is by him using a stone mask to become a vampire. Dio Brando oozes evil, and the only person who can tell that he's evil is Jonathan and his friends. In a more realistic sense, their hierarchy in the family, with Jonathan's father telling Jonathan to look up to Dio while Jonathan knows that Dio is cruel, is the same for Paul’s

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