Joker Vs Batman

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God of the Sea vs. The Clown Prince of Crime You are lost at sea and when you see your home, a huge man comes a brings a tidal wave a rides you away. Or you come home for the day of work and when you walk in your apartment, you hear a maniac laughing and then he asks, “Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight.” A villain is a cruelly malicious person who is involved in or devoted to wickedness or crime, two of whom are The Joker, featured in The Dark Knight, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, and A Death in the Family and Poseidon, shown in Homer’s The Odyssey. The Clown Prince of Crime has far many better traits than the Earthshaker.

It must not be overlooked that Poseidon has a great deal of traits that make him a good
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The Joker is a far better villain for many reasons as in, he is ruthless, insane, and enjoys torturing his hero. To begin, Joker is one of the most ruthless villains ever. In the comic book, A Death in the Family, written by James Agee, Joker blows up Jason Todd aka Robin and his mother. This shows that Joker is ruthless, and better villain than Poseidon, because he is willing to kill people close to Batman to prove a point to the Caped Crusader, including the Boy Wonder. Being ruthless, he is also insane. In the movie The Dark Knight, Joker says, “ Come nightfall, this city is mine, and anyone left plays by my rules. If you don 't want to be in the game, get out now,” (The Dark Knight). This shows that Joker is insane because he claims a whole city his and doesn 't just simply rob banks and get rich, no, he just plunges it into anarchy, which makes him a better villain than Poseidon. While being both ruthless and insane, he also hates his hero, Batman. In the movie, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, it is revealed that Joker brainwashed Tim Drake aka Robin by giving him electroshock therapy into becoming Joker when Batman returns. This shows that Joker hates his hero not just by torturing his sidekick, he had to antagonize the Dark Knight beyond the grave also making him better than Poseidon. Poseidon has many good traits that make him a good villain, but Joker has many great traits that make him better villain than Poseidon, including he is ruthless, insane,
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