Jollibee Food Corporation Case Study

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1. Introduction The objective of this paper is to look deeper into the background of Jollibee Food corporation and generate strategy and appropriate decisions for the company’s investment abroad. To successfully enter a market it requires full aspect analysis in order to find ways to avoid risks and make long-term profits.

2. Background of Jollibee According to Bartlett C.A. et al.(2013), the following three paragraphs discuss about the case study. Jollibee was founded 1978 and started to expand rapidly as an international fast food chain. In 1981, Jollibee confronted its first challenge of McDonalds entering Philippine domestic market. Fortunately, due to the economic and political problems impact McDonald investment, Jollibee dominant the domestic market. When the market in Philippine was matured, and it became time for Jollibee to step out of the countries. They established a International Division and require more resources. The board hired Tony Kitchner, an Australian who had worked for Pizza Hut, to be the Vice President of the international Division. The international division created Franchise Service Managers in order have a full investigation on every overseas franchisees. “Kitchner’s strategy rested on two main themes formulated during a planning session in the fall of 1994—‘targeting expats’ and ‘planting the flag’.” (Bartlett C.A. et al., 2013, p. 34) However, conflicts arose between the new division and Philippines. Kitchner recruited new personnel and

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