Jollibee Food Corporation Case Study Summary

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Jollibee Food Corporation Summary In 1975, Tony Tan and his brother opened two Ice Cream parlors in Manila, Philippines, also they expanded their menu and start offering quick meals such as hamburgers, hot sandwich and spaghetti but soon they realized that their revenue is more from the side order rather ice cream. In 1978, the Jollibee Food Corporation is formed in Philippines. Jollibee have a dominant position in Philippines because Jollibee is first local fast food in Philippines which they served home style Philippine recipes and give a good service such as keeping the employee happy and treating them with respect. JFC marketing strategies based on being closer to Filipino families than their competitor. Since Jollibee is local Filipino service, they could capture the unique Filipino taste and using their local language to communicate to their Filipino customer, who is felt comfortable and feel like at home environment, unlike other outlets they spoke English. In 1993, Jollibee went public on the Philippine and the Tan family got the majority ownership and controlled Jollibee. Jollibee have acquisition of Greenwich Pizza Corporation in 1994 and joint venture with Deli France in 1995. However, when McDonald entered the Philippines, it is the first serious challenge for Jollibee. Since then, Jollibee start expanding their stores worldwide and McDonald as their fast food competitor. Case Study Answer 1. Jollibee Food Corporation’s performance in Philippines
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