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1.) Change in appearance: While under the influence Jon mentioned his lack of personal hygiene by not bathing for two months and losing his teeth for not brushing them.

2.) Law breaking: Jon 's family wouldn 't allow him to live with them in fear of him stealing things from their house when they left him alone.

3.) Health problems: Jon can 't walk upstairs without trouble breathing because of his heart failure.
4.) Mentally instable: While Jon tired crack for the first time he started tweaking and picked up bird poop from the floor thinking it was crack and ate it.
5.) Relationships change: Jon didn 't care about anyone else and had no respect for his family or friends. He made new friends with others that introduced him to other drugs and furthered his
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6.) Changes in school: He dropped out of school in third grade and began raising himself.
7.) Traumatic experiences in childhood: After killing his brother and his family abandoning him he was taken advantage of.
8.) Problems sleeping: He would have drug dreams and wake up sweating.
9.) Risk taking: Jon mentioned one time he was almost shot by a drug dealer for buying drugs from another man but that didn 't scare him enough to stop him from buying more from the same man.
10.) Legal trouble: Continuously being put into the penitentiary.
Reaction to case: Jon is taking classes to improve his reading skills, he is attending meetings for his addiction and working at his job. He wishes that he had been a square when he was younger to stop himself from abusing drugs. Theres a big 50 year gap from when he started drugs to when he is being interviewed. There must have been a very limited amount of help for him as a kid and now that he is taking advantages of the services that are offered today he hopes his story that he clearly states isn 't something he read or got from a magazine will help kids steer clear of
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