Jon Krakauer Survival

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Survival is an intense combination of wits,preparation, strength, will, and pure blooded luck. And all of those things were with Jon Krakauer. The luck is the true deal breaker in every survival situation. A storm can kill you in an instant.. Or slowly and painfully. An avalanche or a flood can end you quicker than a bullet. A canyon or a crevasse can send you packing down the highway to hell… or up the stairway to heaven. Every inch of the natural world is beautiful and fantastic… yet also incredibly dangerous. When in a survival situation..if mother nature isn’t with you then you will most likely die.
Krakauer's survival was dependent on quite a few things. Starting with wits and preparation. In the story, we learn about Krakauer’s experience climbing the devil’s thumb. His contraption to save him from the crevassases was actually well thought out to an extent. Krakauer also knew his path and his landscape and he brought the appropriate supplies to survive unlike our friend Chris McCandless, as well as many others. Though Krakauer held Chris’s same illusion of immortality (which most people of a young age unknowingly hold), he was still highly aware of his fears as well as his limits. And this awareness carried him back to
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Life is a game of chance and Krakauer won that roll while Mccandless missed the mark and wound up dead, along with many others who all shared the same fate because destiny took its toll. Why is Krakauer alive? Because life wanted him to be alive, because the dice rolled his number and he survived, because everything on earth is a matter of chance over skill. And sometimes people win other times they lose… which can be death via bullet to the chest in the middle of the suburbs, or starvation in an abandoned bus stuck in Alaska. Either way everyone loses at some point Jon, however wasn’t meant to loose on Devil's Thumb and that's why he
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