Jon Krakauer's Argument Analysis

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The way Krakauer organizes Into the Wild helps support his argument towards Christopher McCandless and to the responses received by the article Krakauer had written earlier on McCandless and about his trip. Krakauer gives the readers background information for most of the book, along with excerpts from McCandless’s journal he seldom kept. McCandless’s journal entries include statements such as, “MOOSE!” on June 6th when he shot a moose instead of squirrels, and different types of birds which he had been eating since he got to the bus (Krakauer 166). McCandless’s last writing reads, “ I have had a happy life and thank the Lord. Goodbye and may God bless all,” which he wrote on the back of a poem by Robinson Jeffers, "Wise Men in Their Bad Hours,"…show more content…
Through digging deeper the readers know learned what is was like growing up in the McCandless household. Chris McCandless and his sister, Carine, lived with Walt McCandless, their father, and Billie McCandless, their mother, in Virginia. Carine McCandless explains how their parents, “[...W]orked all the time,” (Krakauker 107) and how it was very stressful for them, because their parents had just started their own consulting firm. Chris and Carine McCandless became very close when growing up because they, “[...L]earned to count on each other when Mom and Dad weren 't getting along,” (Krakauer 107). McCandless was very protective of his sister and would hold her hand, and he even waited for her after school so they could walk home together. Chris McCandless was very passionate with everything he did, he had, [...S]o much natural talent,” (Krakauer 111) but, if you tried to teach him anything, he refused. Chris and Carine McCandless were both musically talented, and both took up the French Horn, turned out Carine McCandless was better at it than her brother. This didn 't ruin their relationship, in fact it somehow made it stronger. Through the background information gained about McCandless growing up, Krakauer 's argument is proven valid. Chris McCandless was a very caring person, and cared about
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