Jon Krakauer's Argument Essay

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In Missoula-Rape and the Justice system in a College Town by Jon Krakauer tells a series of events in the city of Missoula,home to an elite state university whose highly praised football team galvanizes a passionately loyal fan base. Between January 2008 and May 2012, hundreds of students reported sexual assaults to the local police. Few cases were handled properly by the university or local authorities.Krakauer's purpose was to show how rape victims are often not believed. One of the methods that Krakuar uses is pathos which is an argument of emotion. Fred Van Valkenburg calls Allison the witness stand starts questioninh,she states,"...And I can be honest with you in saying that if I had found out that some girl was going through this hell...I probably would have killed myself."[Allison 223] If she knew someone gone through thecsamexpain because she was silent,she would kill herself. This shows how much she cares about Beau harming anyone else ever again. She is displaying…show more content…
In 2010, "False Allegations of Sexual Assualt: An Analysis of Ten Years of Reported Cases" ,David Lisak and three co-authors state "...that prevalence of false allegations is between 2 percent and 10 percent."[Krakauer 122] A fact that false reports are very uncommon. Krakauer uses this fact to give the reader an idea of how low false reports really are. To show that the overwhelming majority of rape cases are true yet the Missoula's police department right from the start don't believe the victim so much that they contradict her and deny that any of it although that's the opposite of what it the cops should be aspected. Often take the accused side which tells the reader that the police are bias and aren't properly trained to be prepared for this type of situation . They got the athletes` back no matter what and the victim gets nothing but shame put on her ,the whole town discredits her and everyone around her.
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