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The book of Jonah tells about how the prophet Jonah refused to follow the Lord. Jonah is an Old Testament book where God persuaded Jonah to obey him and follow through with what he had planned for him by calling him out when he disobeyed, putting him through trials, and offering mercy. While Jonah eventually did what he was asked to do, the book of Jonah closes by showing Jonah as a bitter man. God called Jonah to go and share the gospel to the people of Nineveh, but instead of doing what God called him to do he decided to run away from God by taking a ship to the city of Tarshish. Not only did his disobedience bring punishment to himself but to others as well. While Jonah was aboard the ship a great storm came. The people on the ship quickly began praying to their gods and idols to save them from this storm that was happening. While this was all going on Jonah was asleep at the bottom of the ship, when the people found him, they immediately woke him…show more content…
One thing that is very prevalent in the book of Jonah is God, especially chapter 3, is God giving us second chances to do the right thing. In Jonah 3:1, clearly states that God gives Jonah a second chance to share His Word to the Nivevites. We don 't need God to directly tell us to go out and share the good news because if we truly love God and want to have a relationship with him, nothing is going to stop us from wanting others to have that same love and relationship; just like when you are super passionate about something, you want others to have that same passion. If you don 't get up and preach God’s message, you may never know if you could have changed a person’s life. How awesome would it be to be responsible for someone’s commitment to God? If seeing first hand that you completely change the people of Nineveh, who were known for their evil ways and violence, I don 't know what could be a confidence booster. Not only are you changing the life or lives of others, but you are also making yourself feel

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