Jonah's Gourd Vine Book Report

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Her literary career started when she published her first book “Jonah’s Gourd Vine” in nineteen thirty-four. This story is about a sharecropper who was poor and illiterate who then rose to the ranks of being a moderator of the Florida Baptist Convention and then a fall from his power and grace. After studying for many months in the south she then went on to post her findings in a book called “Mules and Men” which was published in nineteen thirty-five (Biography). She states in her memoir that she did not entirely enjoy the research entirely. “My first six months of research were disappointing . I found out later that it was not because I had no talents for research but because I did not have the right approach” (Hurston, 143). After studying for some time in Florida, she then went to Haiti where her interests in science and anthropology were beginning to merge (Lillios). She then went onto studying various forms of Hoodoo where she published her findings in Mules and Men, also (Biography). While she was living in Haiti, she also wrote another novel. The novel she wrote was by the name of “Their Eyes were Watching God” which was published in 1937 (Lillios).
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